What about your "Active Sales" stuff?

These are designs that have been through the pre-order process in the past. Because of this I can have them made to order one-at-a-time. This means when you pay for your order the little sewing gnomes at Podiumwear get busy pedaling their fancy sewing bikes, making your order just for little old you. It will take about 5 weeks for them to make it because, hey, there are other people in the world ordering stuff and they're only gnomes, not freakin' magic or something. 

Who the hell are you, anyway?

They call me Ultraclyde.  Yeah, okay, they don't really call me that.  My name's David.  I started mountain biking over 15 years ago and road biking not long after that.  I spent over a decade doing commercial graphic design and started designing jerseys for local cycling clubs almost by accident somewhere along the way.  At some point I needed to buy a new jersey but I couldn't find anything I liked, so I started making my own.  I'm just a guy.  Another fat kid on a bike.  Just more pedal trash.

Is your stuff Made in the USA?

YES!  Our cycling apparel is designed in the sunny south (Georgia, USA) and manufactured by Podiumwear in the frozen north (Saint Paul, MN, USA.)  T-shirts and other accessories may vary, but we'll always be upfront and honest about where it comes from, and we'll do our best to source it from the US if there's any way we can.  That's a promise. 

I've spent most of my adult life working in manufacturing in the US - from textile mills and commercial signs to highway asphalt and home cleaning chemicals.   I sincerely think that US manufacturing is becoming more competitive daily, and I'm proud to offer reasonably priced jerseys that are made in the US in the small volumes I run.  Making stuff is what made this nation great.

Wait, you don't make the jerseys?

No. I design them and then they are produced to my specifications by Podiumwear of Saint Paul, Minnesota.  I chose them based on the quality of the clothing they are producing at a reasonable price point - printed, cut, and sewn here in the United States.   I'm proud to work with a company that keeps manufacturing jobs here and believes in supporting their own community.

So...How long until I get the jersey I just paid you big money for?
Normal production time is about 7 weeks from the closing date for pre-orders, or about 5 weeks from your order date for made-to-order items.  Sometimes it's less.  Once in a blue moon, it may be more.  If it looks like it's going to be more I'll let you know as early as I can.  Unfortunately this type of production is somewhat variable and out of my control as a designer.  As such, I can't offer refunds based solely on changes in delivery date. If your order is deadline-sensitive (birthday or Christmas gift?) please email me directly through the Contact interface and we can discuss.

Why Pre-orders on Jerseys?

Because it's expensive to have jerseys custom printed.  You may have run into this before with custom jerseys ordered for a club, or for something like screen printed T-shirts, but ordering multiple jerseys of the same design decreases the cost.   It also means that only the sizes needed get ordered, and that means that I don't have leftover jerseys laying around tying up my filthy lucre. Which I would have to recoup from people by pricing the jerseys higher.  See?  I'm only doing it because I love you.